Corporate governance

Good corporate governance is essential to ensuring that
Infineum remains a well-managed and profitable group of companies. The group's central Board of Directors and Corporate Leadership Team are responsible for setting long-term strategies and goals,
and for ensuring their implementation.

An executive management oversight committee ensures risk management processes are in place, properly communicated, 
and are working satisfactorily across the organisation. This team, along with our Board of Directors, also reviews the major corporate risks that can significantly impact our reputation, operations and profitability. Working with line management, the team ensures that mitigation plans and resources are prioritised, and corrective actions are taken as required.




Risk management is embedded in the day-to-day management and operation of our business. It is an integral part of our culture and underpins the decisions that we make. Our internal risks and controls framework provides a rigorous approach towards managing the risks we faced in our business. It provides assurance that systems and procedures are in place to monitor and mitigate risks. It is backed by independent validation, provided by internal audits, external audits, and the internal audit subcommittee of the Infineum group's central Board of Directors.

Embedding sustainability

Infineum’s Sustainability Executive Team champions the integration of sustainability into our growth strategy. This team is comprised of Executive Directors from key functional areas who oversee the roadmaps of activity and drive the Infineum group towards its ambitions. They also advise on the development, execution and stewardship of the supporting initiatives required.

Infineum's Sustainability Implementation team is comprised of eight full-time colleagues who partner with the different business functions to embed our sustainability strategy throughout our operations.




All colleagues are encouraged to play their part in the sustainability journey and since 2021, sustainability metrics 
have been added to the incentive-based pay scheme. The carbon intensity of our operations is now factored into this scheme to further incentivise individual and collective action. 

An interactive dashboard was launched in 2023 to give all colleagues an overview of our carbon footprint and allow them to keep up-to-date with progress and understand the trends in their site or business area.

Business ethics

Infineum’s culture is built on strong ethical values. In everything we do, we pride ourselves on maintaining safe systems and supply chains, building lasting and responsible relationships with our partners, suppliers, and customers, and creating a sound and resilient organisation for the future.

We believe our reputation for scrupulous dealing is a priceless asset and uphold it by always choosing the course of highest integrity, even where the law is permissive. This includes support for the principles of international organisations with respect to efforts to combat bribery and corruption; the expectation to pass up opportunities or advantages that would sacrifice ethical standards; a prohibition on offering, soliciting,



accepting or paying any bribe, “facilitation payment”, kickback or other improper payment; the promotion and expectation of similar standards from our business partners, service providers, suppliers and customers; accurate record keeping; and reporting actual or potential violations of laws, regulations or Infineum’s Code of Conduct.

Our Code of Conduct encompasses our commitment to operate safely, respect the law, protect the environment, operate ethically and without conflicts of interest, treat each colleague with respect, and to manage in good faith the assets and responsibilities with which we have been entrusted. These establish the basic rules, standards and behaviours colleagues are expected to follow 
when working for and conducting business on behalf of Infineum.

Our internal audit function reviews our Management Systems 
to ensure Code of Conduct compliance.

All relevant colleagues and contractors receive comprehensive training on Infineum’s core policies and associated behaviours, including role-based mandatory training on business ethics.

Guidance and support are available around-the-clock to Infineum colleagues on business ethics. Colleagues are encouraged to report potential violations of the law, regulations or Code of Conduct, and are empowered to raise concerns anonymously and confidentially via an independent reporting hotline.