A comprehensive approach to safety

‘Nobody gets hurt’ remains one of Infineum’s core values.

We believe that anyone working for Infineum should return home at the end of each day in the same state of health and wellbeing as they began it, and that all incidents, injuries, and occupational illnesses are preventable. Our goal is to ensure zero harm to our people and the environment.

We follow a tried and tested system to successfully manage workplace health, safety, and wellbeing. Our Operations Integrity Management System (OIMS) is applied at all our sites, and covers all colleagues and contractors, ensuring that hazards are systematically identified, evaluated, and controlled, and that associated risks are managed in compliance with health, safety, and environmental laws.

It is the responsibility of each of our sites to make sure that OIMS is operating efficiently and effectively. This is supported by regular assessments of our OIMS systems alternating between teams comprised of colleagues who work on the specific site (internal assessment), or by global colleagues and subject matter experts supported by colleagues from one of our parent companies (external assessment).

Findings or actions arising from these assessments are used to continually improve our systems, mitigating where necessary and simplifying where required. OIMS is certified equivalent to the international ISO 45001 standard for health and safety. It defines our way of working and is at the core of everything we do.

We believe our colleagues’ health is paramount, so we provide access to occupational health professionals who conduct regular medical reviews specific to colleague work activities and their legal responsibilities. 

Additionally, to ensure our colleagues go home in the same condition they arrive to work, regardless of whether working onsite, travelling on business, or visiting third party locations, everyone is empowered by our Chief Executive Officer to stop work if they feel unsafe at any time.

Our focus on safety extends beyond our own operations and we make sure that our external manufacturing sites follow our quality processes and health, safety, security and environmental (HSSE) standards.

We ensure that all of our suppliers and service providers are aware of the safety standards required by Infineum and that they are subject to safety and environmental obligations commensurate to the products and services that they are providing. We also seek to share safety insights and best practice with customers, OEMs and industry peers. An example of this is a series of engineering and administrative mitigations for the safe handling of ammonia fuel that were designed to ensure safe environments for our operators in both bench and engine tests.

Our on-site operators must have a comprehensive understanding of the associated risks and be equipped with essential safety protocols to troubleshoot any potential technical issues that 
may arise during the operation of test rigs and other on-site operational facilities.

Embedding our safety culture

A robust safety culture is embedded into our everyday processes and is maintained through strong safety leadership, clear messaging and metrics that focus on incident prevention.

Whilst our sites have teams of HSSE professionals supporting 
their activities, everyone at Infineum is required to take responsibility for protecting people and the environment and all colleagues are required to set their own individual safety goals every year that become part of their annual performance review. We encourage employees and contractors to challenge unsafe behaviour, and call attention to safe behaviour. If they see something, we expect them to say something and report it as 
a ‘Behavioural Based Safety Observation’ (BBSO) through an 
on-line portal. 

Our safety culture is embedded from day one, starting with our site safety inductions, then progressing depending upon the role of the colleague or contractor.

All employees are required to undertake initial HSSE training on joining Infineum, and thereafter to undertake regular scheduled HSSE refresher training. Hazard identification is crucial, it enables us to provide robust risk assessments and job safety analysis (JSAs), supported by strong mitigating actions. Should an incident occur, we conduct thorough investigations to identify the root cause and apply the necessary actions. All actions, whether arising from a risk assessment, OIMS assessment or incident investigation, are tracked through to a timely completion.

Safety incidents and relevant learnings are shared with
the entire organisation through monthly HSSE reports and quarterly functional safety meetings. Furthermore, we listen to our colleagues on safety related matters, analysing feedback from safety standdowns and global meetings, incorporating learnings into our global systems to support our continuous improvement journey.

Zero harm to 
our People and the Environment 

Our strong safety culture and management systems enable us to deliver excellent safety performance. Infineum is a top performer on personal safety results, for both our colleagues and contractors, appearing in the top 10% of the chemical industry. However, we always aspire to do better and with our 2025 ambition of ‘zero harm’, we are aiming for zero personal, process and environmental incidents in our operations.